The ugly duckling that was always a swan!

a poem by Shilpa Kapoor, India

Looking at the newborn they squeezed their nose
Ignoring the beautiful smile on her lips colored rose
She isn’t graceful they said with her ordinary looks
And so lonely she grew in the company of books

Always compared with her little sister born with natural poise
She was scolded even if she made the slightest noise
As she grew more she realized her sister was always favored
Ignoring all the ridicule she found solace in all she devoured

No one saw the pain in her eyes only saw how big she was
Yet she continued doing good, helping without a pause
Inside of her she nurtured a very loving golden heart
Fiercely yet unsuccessfully guarded from glances piercing like shards

Budding talents in her quiet loving self thus remained hidden
Until someone heard her singing, she had the voice of an angel
Appreciating her talent it was brought open to the world
Where it flowed freely taking away years of taunts hurled

Now she was known for her beautiful voice far and wide
And with that pain slowly eased and she blossomed inside
They very people who belittled her now praised on and on
The fools didn’t know the ugly duckling was always a swan!

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