a poem by Sarah Orlan, Vietnam

In this institution that made myself bright
A powerful erudition to loose my self-fright
Even the struggles that treed tallest height
Without depredation my wisdom will light.

Intelligent teachers fulfilled the whole me
With their given knowledge that sailed by the sea
Fear not of the world you can read,you can see
That's what they said,the most discernible key.

Didactic instructions I must follow then
Whatever confusions to loom where and when
For I have the power to talk my mouth sane
Road full of crisscrosses and insensible lane.

I hold a reward that so cannot be sold
Embossed in my mind,in my heart in my soul
Perfectly shaped all the words in the mold
I can travel a journey with this keep,round the world.

In this institution that honed my design
Sharpened my voice when I speak every line
I married the books,every thought,any kind
In this institution that fed my whole mind.

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