Conversation with my laptop!!!

a poem by Shilpa Kapoor, India

Why my dear laptop are you so moody when I switch you on
Lately I’ve often seen you opting for periodic sojourns

Who do you think you are you frequently refuse to budge?
Are you Queen Victoria or Duchess of Cambridge

You never even realize how many efforts on you I spare
All the while we’ve been together I’ve handled you with care

I could leave and just let you be to have all the rest you want
But I’m not those who use till you provide and then abandon when you can’t

So getting you fixed for good seems to be the plan
For I would love to be with you for as long as I can

Because you show me the virtual world I love to tour and roam
Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Google Chrome

There I get to pick and choose for hours and hours
It’s the next best thing to shopping and getting flowers

Since I’ve known you for long I know this isn’t your nature
You always share information with me whether silly or mature

So let me know where the lies problem and what’s the matter
You’re all hardware and software,so is it the previous or the latter

If I go by the looks you seem absolutely fine
So I deduce its your interior that needs upgradation and shine

Don’t worry my dear you’ll feel better with a newer version
You’ll load faster, starting without any glitch or tension

That should bring you at par with your cousins in the market
And you’ll finally regain the status of my favorite gadget !!!

(A fun conversation with the laptop written in a fit of exasperation when it refused to switch on :)

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