Well, here's another fine mess you've gotten us into!

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

Well, here's another fine mess you've gotten us into.

When Laurel and Hardy came into my life
Yes, they gave me laughs, comedy of simple strife
I was not by far their biggest fan
For I was still one of the giddy
May West and Charlie Chaplin Clan.

Simple slap stick did the trick,
or he'd silently wink with a tic.
And this was where we got our kicks
When Who was on first, all went into a laughing panic
And oh how I laughed over their simple anics.
A bonk on the head...I'd laugh till my face turned red.
Each thumped in the nose by an open door
Would send us into a hilarious laughing roar.

Well, each show they've made are now classics of all time
And it's so hard to get this simple poem to rhyme.
So all in all, Charlie, Laurel, Hardy, Dean, Jerry,
and even good ol Art and Gleason too, are nothing
but a treasure now to view.
Not one actor of this day, can say as good as they.
"Well, here's another fine mess you've gotten us into."

Linda Bates Terrell
December 10, 2011

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