Crippling Memories

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

First love,
Of only memory stuck in my mind
Like the tick-tock of the clock
all off beat and way out of time

Like a wagons metal wheel
that continues to grind
over and my mind
Like a humming buzz, of a bumble bee
Won't stop, Won't stop
Won't let me go free,
Oh his memory buzzing within me
up in my face, too near my ears
driving me.... driving me... insane

God resuce me before the end
and it all kills my one last hope
Won't you please rescue me...
Please... that I may escape
his haunting memory

Bring me a love so true
bring me a love so new

I'm trying so hard to go on
Tell them to release me
to let me go, memories
ever twind with my soul
Like the bad play of the pawn
Will I again loose too
Only did my heart, once beat true
He's turned my soul so an aching blue.
Listen to my hearts lonely sigh.
Is it him or I?

Bring me.....
bring me.....
a love, love so new
Let him of me be true
Just the one you send... will do,
Let me your way bend
Let him be my long lost friend
Toward you Lord I bend
Upon your way, as I descend

They still know a memory is
all I have, crippled in truth
torments of yesterday's heartache

yet never defying
Insane it's hard
to love a memory!
I can't even smile.
I can't go on
This life can never be won.
And all the while I cry

Bring me....
Bring me....
a love, love so new
just the one you send will do
Let him be my long lost friend
Toward you together we shall bend.
Together let our hearts mend.

Crying Crying
Crippled memories
all out of season
Please Lord reveal the reason

Fractionally Insane am I?
Is my heart allowed to cry?
Let me again be free
Let my toll be paid
let again me be me
sighing, crying
won't you see
Bring me....
Bring me....
a new love faithfully......

Linda Bates Terrell
December 10, 2011

Sometimes, one never gets over lost love
Sometimes, a broken heart never mends
Sometimes, the answers never arrive from above
Sometimes, there's never that longed for new love.
Sometimes, that truth never gets a shove
Sometimes, lovers never will bend, into a friend.

Linda Bates Terrell\
December 10, 2011

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