a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

We wake up in the morning
And all we see is rain
It hardly ever varies
And it's futile to complain
The programmes on the telly
Leave much to be desired
And the one's that I will mention
Are the one's which I admired
Starting with Deal Or No Deal
Not forgetting The Paul O Grady show
I think they are entertaining
And keep us in full flow
Coronation Street and East Enders
Never seem to fail
The plots go on forever
Like a ship that's in full sail
Then theres Agatha Christie's Marple
Midsummer Murders and Heartbeat
Blow the Wintry rain outside
Let's watch some telly
And rest our weary feet
Millionaire's another favourite
And Rosemary and Thyme
I thought, I should mention
Those two
They help me with this rhyme
I must mention Richard and Judy
And of course there's Countdown too
And if by chance I've left some out
I will leave the rest to you
I forgot to mention the westerns
Starring Clint Eastwood
And John Wayne
I wonder if they cursed
When they rode out in the rain
We wake up in the morning
And all we see is rain
And it hardly ever varies
And it's futile
To complain

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