On A Crescent Moon..

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

Last night, I rode the crescent moon, cradled in her arch,
And she carried me away to a world apart.

I flew beyond the flowering trees, the towering hills, clad in black,
The plateaus and the plains, beyond rugged snow capped peaks,
Brown hardy mountains with no green.
I saw the deep blue sea ...surging dark,
With silhouettes of shadows unseen.

I met Sleep on the way..she seemed in much haste,
She had a rendezvous with a pair of eyes, they wouldn't close,
She said with a sigh. 

I saw Despair, hovering around earth's realms,
Feeding on darkness, gaining strength, with a hope to overwhelm.

I met  the twins, the twain 
Nightmare and Dream, 
Eager to reign,
antipodal yet alike 
Riding on tinsel moon beams..

Then I saw Love, embellished with the stars of Hope,
And beautiful was she,
As only she could be.
In her presence, much faded
Despair cowered..  
Nightmare cringed..
But Dream brightened,
And Sleep winked.

I saw the fabric of the cosmos,
Stitched with threads of Love
Occasional stitches undone,
Little gaps that came along..
A tear here, there, 
But a fabric unparalleled and
Still strong.

( Fabric of the Cosmos.. the title of a book by Brian Greene, the phrase is not original)

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