A final time

a poem by Dale Costello, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

So it begins
words gathering maybe,
this, a final time
clouds hang dark in the sky
Lenny says 'it comes around'
that well winged bird
hovers over my shoulder
eyeing my jaw

this is culture
how would I feel
given nothing, and
only this to describe,
had that dream
I know I can fly
it's just ability to jump
finding the more
truth cannot die

child began
this question intact
some call it man
choosing fiction over fact,
see where we wait
on corners, at lights
lounging under televisions
cool comedy
feel the weight of drama
better scripts
poets for the waste

I regret, digress, accommodate
princes lay slain
a true actor denied
minor roles and genius explored
this is hell and adored
flames lighting poison
murder for god, possession and survival
infant species
thought at the bidding table
sold for parts

there is nothing too harsh
said of mankind
the most ingenious parasite
born to too crafty hands
damage, Earth is timeless
we were born and will die
she will make love
in the sun, even when we're gone
yet I loved you anyway
a moon watching
over all that beauty confides.

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