Sneeze- a-thon

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

This morn' I went on a sneezin' spree,
I sneezed beyond a one - two- three,
I sneezed as many sneezes could be,
Dear me..possibly an allergy.

My eyes closed tight, I couldn't see,
I would have looked like a strawberry,
Then scarlet crimson ...a red cherry,
Ruddy, awry my chemistry.

I sneezed first at the crack of dawn,
I sneezed right through the pretty morn,
I think I sneezed a sneeze -a-thon.
They wouldn't stop, went on 'n on.

Now I'd say it's kind of odd,
And worthy of a lil' applaud,
And I might ...just might get the nod.. 
For having sneezed a world record.

I am a woman but have you heard me ROAR?
Travel light..
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