a poem by Susan Yvonne Nikitenko, USA

White lace of winter;
Comes silently down.
Pine trees are decked with;
White all around.

Houses and fences;
Have wreaths and red bows.
Snowmen stand tall;
With coal eyes and a nose.

Pleasing the sweet sound;
The children at play.
Rolling and building;
In the snow all day.

Coa coa and hot food;
Their mother prepared.
The house smells so good;
It's so pleasant there.

A blanket warming;
By the fireside.
The giggling children;
Cuddling side by side.

Christmas Eve, Joyful!
Fond memories made.
A home of comfort;
Christmas music played.

Evening has fallen;
The tree stands aglow.
Dancing to music;
A beautiful show.

By the fire side;
Their daddy tells them;
How Jesus was born;
And came to save them.

As they drift asleep;
He sings lovingly.
Of God's love for them;
Then sits silently.

The tree lights dancing;
A heart full of love;
A heart full of joy.
Blessings from above.

A loving family;
A quiver that's full.
The simple pleasures;
Christmas miracles.

"I love you daddy."
A voice could be heard.
Then he tucked them in;
Then nothing else stirred.

By: Susan Y Nikitenko
December 14th, 2011

Psalm 127:5:
Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them:

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