a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

As the water rose higher
Inside the dark cave
The young man was terrified
And not at all brave
One hour ago
Curiosity had led him there
And now he was trapped
In that watery lair
Waves thrashed around
From the sea outside
And the cavern seemed smaller
Instead of being wide
Perspiration trickled down
From the young man's forehead
And his thought's told him plainly
He'd soon be quite dead
Shouting for help
Would have done him no good
For the sea was too rough
And the entrance had flood
Trying to keep his head
Above that watery grave
He clung to a rock
To escape every wave
By now he was freezing
And his finger's were numb
He knew he was drowning, and thought of his Mum
But The waves lashed around
And swirled around his head
Then without any warning
He went with a bang, and fell out of bed,
Sweating profusely, he let out a scream
Which awoke the young man
From his tormented dream

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