a poem by Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Montik, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

As all the stories go,
it was a very silent night,
the snowflakes fell so softly,
reflecting the golden moonlight

And as the stories go,
the town was fast asleep,
except inside a little farmhouse,
a child asked the Lord her soul to keep.

But what the stories didn’t tell you,
was that her prayer wasn’t at an end,
for this child wasn’t selfish and there were
many blessings she wanted the Lord to send.

She remembered all of the people,
who had no food or place to lay their head,
and her first Christmas wish was for them-
to not be hungry and to have a soft warm bed.

She wiped a tear as she began to think,
of all the orphans who were all alone,
and as she thought of her loving parents she asked
Jesus to send them caring families of their own.

The people who called the hospital a second home,
were also on this child’s caring mind
and she asked the Lord to bless them,
so that true healing they could find.

The people who were always sad and
lived life with the shadow of a constant tear,
she asked for God to send them smiles and
enough happiness to get them through the year.

As her whispered Amen softly sounded,
and drifted through the window’s frost,
somewhere up in Heaven Jesus smiled,
for the meaning of Christmas wasn’t lost.

And as the stories go,
it was a very silent night,
but far above the sleeping houses,
voices of angels danced on starlight.

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