My Soul Food

a poem by Shilpa Kapoor, India

I can create majestic worlds when I’m with you
Experiences come out of their hiding and thoughts unabashedly knock
Words tease me to participate in creation new
Poignant, captivating, scintillating, twinkling around me they flock

A blank page awaits eagerly to embrace me with welcoming arms
Tumbling they fall from my mind dancing to its desire
Sculpted, rearranged, they converge to take shapes and forms
Unlocked from imagination’s dark prison they form their empire

At times like a long awaited visitor a momentary view beckons
Simulating a flying carpet ride they carry to places charmed
Non existent magical threads I weave of versatile dimensions
Picturesque beauties formed from mind places swarmed

From the inner spirit glowing silently each word flows out
Attired becoming our guides from beyond they soothe
Imposed images flowing freely satiating ancient droughts
“Writing” you truly are my Soul Food!!!

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