Welcome to Australia

a poem by Thelma Elizabeth Zaracostas, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

Prams with babies sound asleep
Toddlers held by Gran's hand
Loads of luggage, lifted on the
Train by dad
No seats for them to sit down
Nowhere to put their bags

All seemed happy as they boarded
The 3:45pm train, to their
Holiday destination
Not a complaint as they stood
Waiting hoping someone would get
Off so they could claim a seat

Babies slept on, while toddlers
Began to cry, too small to stand
For long time
Passangers aware of their plight
Made no attempt to move their
laptops,shopping bags.

Four young men took up seats playing
Cards, feet sprawled out on seats
Meant for bottoms not for feet
Two Elderly women finally decided to
Remove their handbags
After train had been on the go for over an
half an hour.

Thank goodness the weary travellers were
All seated within the hour,welcome to
Australia, come on aussie come on
Show our overseas visitor some respect.

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