almost fall down

a poem by Dale Costello, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

I know
I'm not supposed to say
and yet
eerily manage it anyway
all the things I wish I could
how a thought
will trap me
demand of me: every emotion
describe the transference
transcribe the description
put on a cup of coffee
smoke em
if they're handy...

ask me again, what it means
this conversation
so full of beans
every night revised,
I'll say something different
survey the room
make errant promises
promote a clown
take a sabbatical
almost fall down
say something classical
promptly forget what I said
say it to no one...

you always remember
make me write it down
tune a regret
into the deeper sound
and then,
I ask you again
who's hosting who?
and you smile
like memories
have never had to cry.

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