a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

He gazed across the prairie
And watched the sun go down
Then he rode his big black stallion
Down the trail to Tombstone Town
His name, renowned for being fearless
And upholding the wild west law
Many outlaws tried to kill him
But he was faster on the draw
He had to travel to Tombstone
And join his brother's there
The town had become much wilder
So he hadn't much time to spare
Eventually they met, in the dusty street
And thus became the legend
Where four brother's were destined to meet
Tombstone was notorious
And difficult to ignore
So Wyatt with his brother's
Came up with the perfect cure
And soon it became apparent
That law was being restored
Until the showdown
At the OK Corral
With the Cowboys and their horde
The shoot out at the OK Corral
Was Legendary,and more,
For Doc Holliday fought at Wyatt Earp's side
Thus evening up the score
Eventually when the gunslingers lost,
Wyatt with his Wife, moved away to settle down,
And the story goes they lived a long life
But How Wyatt survived, was a miracle,
But his name was all the rage

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