Confessions of a shopaholic!!!

a poem by Shilpa Kapoor, India

“I’m a shopaholic” proudly I announce
Without even a pause or doubt of an ounce
A new top in happy shades simply brightens me up
Ah! That irresistible red pair of heels with a cute bow on top

Those beckoning beautiful earrings that will in my ears jingle
The heart pounding bangles attract me from every angle
The super awesome bag that you just can’t deny
How can I ever see shopping with a lazy eye?

The quickening of the heart on seeing the new merchandise
The neatly stacked piles that absolutely consume you alive
The cupboard might lack space and brimming with a dozen
But I always take to shopping like an angel to heaven

The supreme lust for things you never knew you needed
Still I can shop till I drop and this can always be repeated
Oh!The feeling of romance rekindled with the new arrivals
It’s a primal urge that’s almost absolutely hard to stifle

The magnetic power of the four letters that say ‘SALE’
My penchant for shopping’s lure are here to prevail
Shopping is a Universal cure that’s better than any therapy
The mere thought of it makes me rub my hands in glee

The brimming feeling of love when I see a new store
It feels like being a teenager again with one’s crush amore
Yes! I am a self confessed shopaholic galore
After all that’s what confessions are made for!!!

( All this excitement about Christmas and New Years is making me drool and hence a short confession,tagging as first love as it actually is "Every girl's first love" ;)

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