My bouncy New Year Resolutions!

a poem by Shilpa Kapoor, India

Everyone makes New Year resolutions, probably to make them feel better
But here are a few that I hope I will follow to the letter:

I will not pull at my sister’s hair
Or when she’s not looking remove her chair
I'll be good to only scare her sometimes
But Oh! I’m sure with her I’ll tend to mess
So not as much as now but probably just a tad bit less!

I will try to spend more time at the gym (Not at all because of the instructor)
And I’ll give up the chocolates and Ice cream
In the forever pursuit of toning down and slim
But can’t slog like that forever though
So I’ll wear rather black more often for an illusion of narrow!

I will be less addictive to Cola as I’ve always been,
I’ll stop it altogether and with soup I’ll be seen
I’ll have more healthy drinks and digestive bars
But can I tame my taste buds on bolt
How can I ever disgust them so much that they revolt!

Instead of sleeping and hanging and lazing around
I’ll stop doing all tasks frowned
I will stop being idle and utilize my days
But why do I really have to be so sublime
Since when is riding on one’s imagination a crime!

I’ll altogether be a nicer person and mend my silly ways
Would not scream, shout or shriek away
And try to be far away from doing blunders
But if you really irritate too much
Then Heaven forbid, don’t blame me if you get a taste of thunder!

I know I have made these New Year resolutions
I hope to be able to cope with the above mentions
Knowing that they are for the good
But if to fulfill them I don’t do my best
I’m sure there would be another year, so this year I’ll give them a rest!

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