My Mender Of Broken Things

a poem by Skye Kerri- Leigh Bagshaw, UK

Please don't leave me in the rain,
Please don't leave me with this pain,
Please don't leave me the one to blame,
Please don't stop helping things stay the same,
Please don't stop being my mender of broken things,
Oh, please be my mender of broken things,
My mender of broken things

Keep on wanting you by my side
'Cos I know there's nowhere for me to hide,
The fight has ended and I haven't won
And the pain has just begun

The way I acted was so wrong,
And being wit you is the only way I'm strong,
I've put you through all of this before
And even though I hate myself I'm asking you for more
Favours and yet more chances than I deserve
Because I know for me you will always serve
Me because of the happiness it brings
Me, my mender of broken things

You are so good to me
That sometimes I think you must be blind
But anyone can see
Your problem is that you are too kind

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