into chaos (and chaos driven) - the next revision

a poem by Dale Costello, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

Turmoil at the gates
we enter: chaos
freedom within
those shady tendrils of breath
words that once baited debate
living for a better thing
eulogies of the living death
what is in birth begun
the essence of each dream unnerving
a world so close and all regret
and every touch she cant, forget

a winters sun
purpose steps down the ruined carpet
salvation like riddle blind
enigma like a gypsy traveller
when becomes
our dispute
a history of eternity speaks for us
altars demolishing all sense of god
a candle lit with gasoline
martyrdom I've never seen
a fuse
running through the yard

at the dogs
What chance words
should be sought
so much simpler
the fumbling of fingers
and yet here we are
as we are taught
to disregard all things as they are
thy drunken master
the abyss of human thought
deepening on a pin
holding the wheel of all technology as it turns
from sound: vehicle...

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