a poem by Keith Lumbard, UK

Phantasmagorical, as I had prayed,
Exuberating, stimulating, zest,
A vitalizing presence thou displayed,
Sweet seraphical houri heaven blessed,
Be I a paterfamilias, proud,
No more exists a feebleminded fool,
Before you now stout-hearted and unbowed,
And privileged embracing such a jewel,
When sounds dissolve to fade on fancy's ear,
Come rich rewards behind the sleepers eye,
There everything and more in dreams revered,
The finest, purest, one could recognize,
From nix upon a scale of nine plus one,
Oh glorious the jackpot I have won.

Dedicated to my Daughter Elesa Lumbard who I love dearly.
Thank You so much.
My Daughter visited me on the 27th December 2011, it is the first contact we have had since December 2001 (eleven years) and I am so happy. I have been blessed.
Happy New Year to all my friends on VN. I pray all of you are granted your own wishes come true. Bless you all. Xxx

Keith Lumbard 30th December 2011

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