a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

A star came out,
Lighting up the sky,
And angels sang,
And danced on high,
The song they sang
Echoed round the Earth,
Rejoicing the coming,
Of Jesus birth,
And people travelled,
From near and far,
To hear them sing,
And gaze upwards,
To see the heavenly star,
And this went on,
All through the night,
And the angels sang
And the star shone bright,
Jesus was born in a manger,
That day,
And the son of God,
Had come to stay ,
But in conclusion,
He was crucified,
And on the cross
He finally died,
But every year on Christmas day,
All over the world
People pray,
And living in hope
With tears in their eyes,
They face a New Year,
A compassionate Year,
Hoping and praying,
That peace never dies,
And the star will shine bright,
Lighting up the sky,
And the angels will sing,
Before waving, Goodbye,

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