Upon the well lit stage

a poem by Dale Costello, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

Scant words collide
a discursion of thought
on a stage of nothing
tears in her eyes
as she tried
to clear the stage of nothing
an entropy defied
a brave nothing
evolving to light
becoming a mass of being
still, we couldn't stop
the night
darkness had a right
within this mass of being
speaking without sight
without emotions to divide
the great deceiving
on times side
eternity still died
yet, it was love believing
the only time she lied
to men in all their pride
the rest lost to conceiving
to bibles and a bride
a thorn left
in his side
no one hearing history breathing
as years, fell like the tide
while in her moon
he hides
to escape
his species' every leaving
on a stage
in its first dreaming.

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