I May Be Lying In The Gutter, But I'm Looking Up At The Stars

a poem by John Starks, USA

Though, in the gutter, I perchance may lie
Aft pain's inebriating liquor mars
My faculty, which contemplates the sky,
I'll fix my gaze upon the lofty stars.
'Tis there I'll find the evidence I need
But to infer, from grandeur far too vast,
That one, unseen, does, by his spirit, lead,
Who claims to be the First and, too, the Last.
'Tis then my spirit shall mount up and soar
Into that realm no carnal eye has seen,
Wherein I, kneeling, praising first, implore
Of God, Himself, a pauper's right to glean.
Of Him, some say that he prepares a feast,
Who'd make each man his son, each son a priest.

In response to Tony's challenge! A Challenge Poem.

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