I'm lying in the gutter but I'm looking up at the stars(The challenge title )

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

One egg, just one single egg
And one sciatica leg
Would sink me to the gutter
Losing the bread and butter
Who would have thought of that
And it started with a spat
With that cash counter young man
"No change,please take this egg M'am."
Now the rush and line was long
For arguments,dance and song
So i got myself stamped out
Held that egg like a devout
The shortcut i took was broke
Under repairs drainage soak
My stuff must have weighed a ton
Groceries quite over done
Those buy one get a free gift
Too good, I thought it was thrift
The walk wheezed into struggle
Careening and a juggle
Out fell the purse and mobile
At my age not much agile
Just couldn't bend at the knee
The Hula Hoop gift left me
Criss crossed a jay walking pup
Sciatica acting up
The yo yo free gift danced out
"Stop!" It surely heard me shout

Next the chicken salami
The egg not chicken came first
Finally the whole bag burst
There went good old Assam tea
There went all those gifts of free
Following..bread and butter
I joined them in the gutter
No time to scream and utter
For safety of the dear egg
And sciatica old leg
Oooh!Lasangne too was lost
Rats!!!Couldn't careless the cost
I bobbed,but first i drank swill
And gagged and puked and felt chill
Then looked up and I saw stars
The sky had some big bazaars
Those twinkling salesmen told me
Life aint buy one get one free
It's sometimes smooth sometimes scree
Life is not tealeaves or dreg
But. how you hold up your egg
The shell of life is fragile
Not sunny side all the while
The Hula Hoop spins you round
Yoyos take you up and down
Sometimes it's dark, sometimes dank
Somedays roses, somedays stank

Then the rescue folks did shout
hoisted me sideways and out
The interstellar gawking
Left me smelly and soaking
I was escorted back home
Chided not to walk alone

Night, I downed many a peg
And wondered about that egg
Washed and safely in the fridge
I learned that fall........ was a bridge
Between the gutter and the stars
Where i stood without the bars
And saw life's luminous truth
E.g.g.ggg, fall..... brandy..Life eeshh g.g.goodth

We are all in the gutter
(But, we could live much better)
Just looking up at the stars.


Dear Tony, am totally sorry, just unable to bend my words to accommodate the challenge title...but i am aware there are three or four versions of Oscar Wilde's(Really Wild)..quote..i have incorporated 'We are all in a gutter one...also an original..and a signpost often in my life....Thank you for the fun and joy your title suggestion has brought me....this is purely for fun and not seriously entering the challenge..love and regards rita.

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