Its just business

a poem by Leif Phillips, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

Oh fool am I
tramp to the bourgeois
middle class comedy
riding in my motor car
with a hipster dufus
his name be rufus
he gonna make me a star.
I got my seats be leather
see that duco shine
all my peers be peeping
at all this up in mine
I got erectile dysfunction
on my way to a luncheon
with a lady so so fine.
Oh fool am I
peasant in the making
its cultural backlash
with every law I'm breaking
I'm getting my poem on
riding shotgun with Con
heaven suspended by a string.
We arriving now
these words be for real
I gotta put on my show
give hell a good deal
my bodyguard leads the way
into these gardens of decay
we're looking for a show to steal!

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