a poem by Leif Phillips, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

Love is like a biscuit
a coffee and its gone
you let me down so gently
urged me to move on
I dunked you in my milkshake
only in my mind
in reality
I smiled and walked away
tears, not rage
leaving me blind.
Love is like a doona
keeping winter warm
now I'm naked and cold
a prostrate shivering form
draped across the street
as the gutter washes clean
I wish I could see stars
walking out of the bars
yet its only sad drunks
their taunts callous and mean.
Love is like a ballad
every song with you not here
tells my sad little story
as I cry into my beer
then someone tells me
buck up little soldier
there's more fruit on the tree
so I smile and move on
never mentioning again
you're the only one
the only one
for me.

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