a poem by Shilpa Kapoor, India

Happiness smiles with simplicity and is yet so elusive
But do we ever wonder why by nature its so exclusive
We always try to catch it and open your hands it’s gone
On the poor it might drizzle and the rich it may forgone

Wait for something for years and may still not happen
But a small thing by happenstance may flood you with its talisman
A child’s small wish of holding your hand may fill your soul
And hordes of money in the wallet may still feel foul

Often searched in riches, success, jewels and glory
Its existence in life is often imaginary and only a story
It’s the small things in life that by it are blessed
In pursuit we keep revolving around materialistic things guessed

It’s a journey towards positive outlook for a lifetime
And when you find it, you can’t keep it within you, its so pristine
The peace and tranquility it brings is immeasurable
Sometimes just being surrounded by your loved ones is substantial

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