I maybe lying in the gutter but I’m looking up at the stars(My humble attempt)

a poem by Shilpa Kapoor, India

People around walking through me as if I’m there but still invisible
My world is topsy turvy and everything is crumpled in a jumble
Tears streaming down my face numbing me from any sensation
Wondering what can I do that would become my salvation?

Treading on the broken pieces in my mind brings a pain
I was hoping for a beautiful melody which to hear my ears still strain
It’s like there’s a sea for all to drink and for me there’s not even a drop
It’s like there’s a happiness frame from where I’ve been cropped

The time, the place, the love I’m searching are all there for me in waiting
They are just hidden for now, a test to restore faith in my own paving
They console me every now and then telling me never to lose hope
Keeping me balanced instilling faith to keep walking this tightrope

All the dreams on the brink to come true and the hard work of years bygone
Telling me the night is the darkest in the hours of predawn
Though empty handed I’m left, everything snatched in an ugly phase
But I’m still determined to decorate this world with my trace

I know failures make people believe I’m lying in a gutter
But I’m only waiting for a hint from above to give my wings a flutter
They say time plays a wonderful music that heals all the scars
So maybe for now I’m down but I’m still destined for the stars

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