a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

Hold still, hold tight
Don't let go, gotta fight
Whatever your burdens in life
Think! how bless you are, right?

Never compare your situation with others
One of us has its unique way to solve problems
Never look up in others success they've got
But be inspires that you too could do that

Lack not, fear not
Pray hard in Him we trust
For everything thats pop-up
He can handle things its non-stop

Never judge others, that is there way, so what?
We have our own path to walk through
Just enjoy the ride and see what you can do
But learn to help them, when someone needs you

Find the inner peace of your heart
Forgive and forget is the best way to start
You may find it hard to keep your raging emotions
Feel them and your heart will always a connections

Take the attitude, that whatever will be
Let the whole world know we exist
When you look back somehow
You think of something that makes you smile....^_^

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