The Little Ballerina

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

So young
But far from shy
First time on stage
But so full of confidence
She made such flowing, soft moves
To engage..
The music was Andante
Soughing -soft breezy sound
To her Adagio moves
She seemed so, so accomplished
Yet so young, so fresh, so delicate looking
Yes, she was ready
The whole world was her stage

Her tutu was purple
Or violet or changed
Colours in and out of the spotlight.
She danced as if she chased the spotlight
Or it chased her
Cheeky sun and shade routine
She knew she had all the attention
Like those little flower girls
Wearing Fuchsia dresses at weddings

Her bodice was a tight grip
On her young waist and
Extended like white swords
Contrasting over her tutu
Her single,slender 'working leg'
As they call it in ballet
Doing the Pointe
And the nearly invisible Frappe or Battement,
Executing the Rond de Jambe,
But all in the air itself
So talented
She was a suspended beauty

Sometimes she did a half Pirouette in the shade
And then the springy, joyful Levee in the spotlight
Sometimes the full turn as if the breeze
had swivelled her - the - Tour Jete
Always maintaining the Arabesque
position-she was born that way

Applause -A round of soft
clapping- sound of muted reverence
Sound of breezy rustling.....

I didn't have a programme card
I so wanted to know her name
But I heard people say
She lives at the Windsor Castle
Now, she is their special guest of honour
She was discovered by some German
named Fuch
Origin traced to
South America or New Zealand,

Who cares for origins

She was a pretty little ballerina
So young,
But showed far from ingratitude.
It is said that she has a short life.
But what a life
Just so happy
Doing what she does best.
A choreography of happy, holy movements
I read somewhere that
Life is a series of busy,holy movements
yours, mine
Executing each move is a sign of gratitude

You may go backstage
(To your heart, to your head)
To learn her name
Search, she's already
Very famous - has many
names, admirers.

Florrie's gem, Celia
or Thalia or Chilco
A rose by any name......

I believe it is Fuchsia

Note: I somehow have managed to grow a Fuchsia plant...with some difficulty on my is exotic to Indian Climate and grows only in the hill-stations and Bangalore.. I was delighfully , mesmerised and surprised at its beauty and first fuchsia flower..then the whole bloom

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