Zen and the Art of ..........................Maintenance

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

I call it Zen
I'm resigned to call it Zen
Checks, fine tuning, hear-that-resonance
Depend-on-it, I'll fix-it sustenance
These acts of maintenance

Whenever it's that special day
Of cakes and chocolate, verses gay
Of a special kiss, may be a rose
The day comes as is and goes

Oh! I've heard that before
Many times and many times more
"Let's celebrate."
"Let's turn the cork."

You're turning all right
Turning torque
On some clanging pipe
"Hand me that wrench,
This leak is a stench."
Way past midnight
Then it's just

Simply when
I'm resigned to ask when
This day, we'll do something together
I don't mean priceless rock or leather
Mr Fix-it-right away
I have this to say
For these acts of maintenance
Is tipling the delicate balance
Of plain old fashioned romance

Last year
I was no match
It was the ceiling
You felt a wet patch
With much, much more feeling
You set to get it done
One whole special day
and another one

Then you remembered
The glove compartment and froze
Chocolate melted, wrapper pried loose
Handed me the stalk of a rose
Petals stuck back in the peppermint ooze
That special day comes and goes
Every year with maintenance woes

Does it matter any more
This year too, you'll spend it in the hardware store
Of course not
Just as I thot
Love is still in condition mint
Smooth running, well oiled with no hint
Of clanging or a leak
Certainly not worn out or weak

I don't need chocolate, hearts, bouquet, cards or cakes
Your helpful hand(heart) is all it takes
Just don't say
Let's celebrate
I know it's no dinner date
In your eyes
mirrors the paint chipped gate

It's that time of the year
The special day is coming near
This special day it's surely going to be
Chipping. scrapping, painting, you and me

Than resigned
I'm good.
I chose
Far better than a card, gift or rose
All year round just having you close

I might miss that kiss or hugging
I suppose
Through all your hammering and tugging
I've got
Is still old fashioned romance

Is it Zen
and the
Art of Valentine Day Maintenance

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