To Westly And His Classmates

a poem by John Starks, USA

As it proves yet a proof of soul and mind,
Which leaves so little doubt of artistry
E'en as it evidences mastery
Of what, if true, proves difficult to find,
I chose the sonnet when my sense was blind
To all except the possibilty
Necessitating that I be as free
As men prove slaves who would not else but bind.
I knew not then the suffering and pain
That I must, for some future joy, endure
Should excellence be what I would attain.
The sonnet's stunning Beauty proved the lure,
Yet my pursuit of Beauty seemed as vain,
As I, a neophyte, proved insecure.

Westly, in his response to my poem: "The Passerby", posed this question for my consideration, " Why did you choose sonnets?" The above poem: "To Westly And His Classmates" is my answer to that question.

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