The Gulmohar, Of Love and life

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

The gulmohar tree, 
In flamboyant love of life,
A burst of color and cheer,
Bright vermillion,
Under his glorious crimson spread,
A shaded, blissful haven.

Children reach for his branches,
Clasping, holding,
Climbing, swinging,
Chasing, laughing,
Under a bright shower of scarlet petals,
Of life and love, of beauty, of hearts and heat,
Blooms of a warm Indian summer.

In flames, his vibrant burning crown, 
His canopy, flaunting festive tangerine blossoms,
Crinkled teasing petals,
One upright, 
Of innocence touched in white,
Splashed with feisty red,
Celebrating and anticipating,
A celebration of love and life
In anticipation,
Reaching for dark clouds of rain.

Serenading with the music of the monsoons,
Moist leaves of the gulmohar glisten and gleam
With wind and water, in gentle rhythm.
Raindrops nestle for a moment,
Before sliding, slipping,
On damp, satiated earth.
Strewn bright with scattered rich orange petals,
Of the  gulmohar, drenched and soaked..

( gulmohar, Delonix regia, a beautiful flowering tree.)

The Palmist

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