a poem by Sheela Chalapathi ramananda, India

I am
Life in all its wondrous forms,
Lovingly cradled by the palms.
Warmly embraced by the creepers,
Protected by the tall, hoar trees.
Nourished by the peeping rays of the sun,
Kissed by the cool breeze in sheer fun.
Quilted in the knitted warmth of the greenery,
I live king-size in the great menagerie!
I exist in tens and thousands,
In all hues and shapes and fronds.
From the microscopic to the macroscopic,
Living in the infinite forms of the cosmic.

From the crawling to the flying,
From the cooing to the roaring.
From the stinking skunk to the fragrant musk,
From the fresh dawn to the tired dusk.
I am the inspiration of the bards,
Binding them to me with infinite bonds.
Without me, you cannot exist
With folded hands and closed eyes
I beg you, oh! Foolish man
Love me, do not hate me,
Accept me but do not reject me
For without me, you cannot be.

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