travelling man

a poem by Dale Costello, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

changing at the doorstep
travelling man ignites
a last cigarette
dead match flicked..
at a disappearing sun

his eyes
take in the horizon
wrenching it of blood
from its glass,

motor dispels silence
a memory
seldom recreated
new tires
grip against the choppy dirt
five long lonely miles
to bitumen..

marked with affray
barbed wire
eaten by ground,
towns and open road
carry him through night
begging that he sleep
oceans lap far away
just as his thoughts:
having their say..

all but wave
adrenaline of drifting truck
leaves him jittery
in need of coffee,

over the border
tracks leading nowhere
into the unclaimed
dousing lights
he removes
himself into deep night
in the dense bushland
wonders: how many bodies
the outback
has taken as its roots
how many
he's interred himself
dragging his cargo from the boot.

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