a poem by Jamie Lynn Ball, USA

Poem #1-

I saw this beautiful bird-like creature;
So unique, it's feathers form a fan-like feature.
I was surprised at the joy this brought,
As my eyes just focused on this peacock.
I was in a trance; feeling an aura around me;
A vision forever to be in my memory!

Poem #2-

Joy is a peacock-it's beauty so rare;
A rainbow of colors that vibrantly flare.
After the rain, brightly they come out.
Into a fan-like form, uniquely it creates;
Never forgot, this vision, joyfully it illuminates.
Bringing such happiness and peace my way;
All because a "little birdie" came my way!

Poem #3-

We have a peacock named Ed,
And he sleeps at the end of my bed.
I wanted a "one-of-a-kind" pet.
I'm the only one, I'll just bet!
He's quite amazing, making me laugh.
He loves to "splish-splash" in the bath.
Happiness and joyful times fill each day,
All because a "little birdie" came my way!


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