The Eastern King! (T. Grannell)

a poem by John Starks, USA

He, in that genre not, to him, unknown,
E'en that within the which he seldom wrote,
Displayed such skills few modern bards would hone
To hit, in passion's throes, a sweeter note.
He, in that genre oft employed by Will,
Or Keats, e'en John, who wrote of "ripening breast",
Gave evidence of that uncommon skill
Which seems the object of some recent quest.
He, from the East, gives birth to passion's cry.
He, out of China, gives his measured song:
The art of which compels the soul to sigh;
The poingnancy of which should make us long.
He, in that genre, meriting acclaim,
Is, too, a King, conjoined, henceforth, to fame.


In line six of the above poem: "The Eastern King( T. Grannell)", this writer alludes to John Keats' poem "Bright Star": line ten: "Pillow'd upon my fair love's ripening breast," I trust that the beauty and historicity of this poem may be properly appreciated on VN out of respect of the period and the noted artist, John Keats, to whom I allude.

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