Per Ardua Ad Astra (Through Struggles to the Stars) Challenge Title

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

Born of fire but is of ice
Holds forth stars, dreams and hope
Fanning greed and such other vice
A simple carbon allotrope
This hardest heart upon the earth
Expends life as if there's no dearth
A king's ransom paid for those blings
Notwithstanding suffered beings
Each sieve that sifts the kimberlite
Sifts life or death, some human's plight
Inhuman lives lived through struggle
Where warlords, weigh, wage and juggle
Who has to live, who has to die
Who has sieved well,who has to cry
Alluvial streams of browned russet
Conceals these shapes with no facet
Till craftsmen polish it so bright
Cut and hew till it refracts light
Infinite stars burst to delight
A diamond is forever. Right?

Note : Kimberlite . the potassic rock, conical shaped tubes shot out with magma when flowing thru old volcanic dykes or placer tunnels to the surface of the earth. they are released into the surroundings by weather effects like rain etc. into lakes and rivers,or soil(alluvial-magma soil )Kimberlites and its diamonds are formed between 150 km to 450 km in the core of the earth. Diamonds are formed embedded in these kimberlites under great temperatures....As per UN statistics..2/3 of the world's Diamonds are frm zones..of immense struggle of the natives for survival

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