Oh Whisper You Sweet Poetesses Ye (Valentines Offering)

a poem by Keith Lumbard, UK

(A Valentines Offering)

To the stillness of the vesper-hours,
Oh whisper you sweet poetesses ye,
In noontide glows your pleasure, (being ours)
Melodious your soulful poetry,
Send soft silvery voice, and velvet word,
Where from that place true faith, your wing does rest,
For you in modulation purely heard,
Would heal some hearts of pity’s weight oppressed,
Come let the joy of bird notes pierce the gloom,
For earth does grow to dark, for those alone,
Plant summer thoughts attendant on your bloom,
The blessing from your voice, the very tone,
The love, your care, your honesty, and trust,
Has lifted man’s frail spirits from the dust.

Keith Lumbard 13th February 2012

”Per Ardua Ad Astra” Poem 2

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