Smoking Hips

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

The apple of all pretty eyes
Envy of all the left feet guys

Not only those with two left feet
He was impossible to beat

Stealing all limelights in his zeal
His Cha-Cha was sheer appeal

Derring do, African Samba
Divine so doing the Rumba

He could tap, heel, toe, heel, toe, heel
Old breaths, young hearts would stop or keel

His hips sashayed such elegance
He drew wild gasps at every glance

Split second moves that would enhance
His handsome gait through any dance

His favourite was Salsa at speed
His trained fetlocks outmatched a steed

Between dances he guzzled beer
Smoked Cigars, only Cuban dear

Tricks on the floor, beloved beer
Kept him in fine fettled cheer

Some begrudged him his oddities
Though most forgave his quiddities

Once, before you could realize
He won the best male dancer prize

A big heart, he shared out cigars
When the band struck signature bars

Paso doble! He was the best
Not a one to resist or rest

He swept a pretty young thing neat
Stomped like a matador upbeat

He stiff strutted the cape unfurl
Cigar one hand, other the girl

Mid dance someone held him a match
Smoke and girl he'd blow and catch

With confidence and with relish
He bowed out the final flourish

He let go off the girl, they saw
But popped the lit-end through his maw

Oh man! Fast feet! Couldn't he think
His lips had singed to shocking pink.

He stomped some more, the 'Flame'-enco
Folks sloshed beers to cool him so

Nostrils snorting bull, that instance
For lips so gummed ....exuberance

The whole jamboree did rescue
Young things bid him a fond adieu

Some left feet sighed that's come uppance
He hogged their partners, every dance

This Fred Astaire who could so dance
Was packed off in an ambulance

I will not fellows, well-met-hail
To warn, don't leave a blazing trail

But'case you need some dancing tips
Smoking hips, are swell, not swelled lips.

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