lost n found

a poem by Leif Phillips, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

I went to the hospital
those nurses they all stared
wearing stiff white uniforms
starch if they dared
I walked into the operating theatre
they threw those scalpels down
they could tell real early
I was the guy from lost n found
I said anybody here lost a name tag
it says Bruce and its green
shaped in that little dwarf tree
do you know what Renee means?
the head nurse yelled at an orderly
his head bulbous and round
to find the right forms
for the guy from lost n found
lost n funny found
lost n found
the magistrate looked at me
in a way people seldom do
said in the clear day light
I've got a lost n found too
he locked me up
threw the key up in the air
find yourself baby
see if I care
lost n found
lost n found

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