True Beauty Hath

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

Betwixt the toes and wet the slipping sand,
Speckled Tellin, True Heart cockle, Cowrie,
Such beauties, but, churning the waves blocked me,
When beguiled, bowed to gather in mine hands.

Churlish sea breeze joined the waves to sunder,
Mine thoughts to change,disabuse, disallow,
Chiding whispers, it needs must disavow,
Lest, admiring labelled me offender.

Thus, persuading praise to contrary,
That skin or shells be tenements not bound,
Towards heaven. They wear out in some firth.

Chattels of vain life, shed though still not free,
Cast here on earth till time and tide doth pound,
True beauty hath more than cockle's worth.

Note : Speckled tellin: Tellina Listeri -bivalve shell
True heart cockle: Coculum Cardissa- heart shaped- bivalve cockle,Cowrie: ordinary gastropods

A very feeble, humble attempt at the abba, abba, cde, cde type of sonnet...though it was extremely hard for me to garner-find OE language-words..not being used to using it in poetry.

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