a poem by Joseph Chukwudiegwu Osita, Nigeria

Four men, a giant casket stagger on sad shoulders
Marching in measured steps, the military routine
A sweetheart of arms is gone in shell shatters
Whose life services to the land destined

After the parade and the salute is done,
A thousand faces are wrecked with grief
I, too on the stand is badly burned
By tears trembling down like a falling leaf

I see him smiling in the golden box
As if in disagree with his sudden death
Clad in his best, the camouflage and socks
And ready to be geared down the solitary earth

The glorious yard I see shrouding his box;
Our flag to cheer him up forever more
A glory for few to lurk in his blocks
For our lad deserves one to the core

The clatter of bones, the steady gush of blood
He has met with his very own eyes
Till the wood where life seemed very odd
Death diced and claimed a hero as prize

Sobs and prayers hauled from our hearts
Shall ticket him through the holy gate
And Gabriel, the messenger on his part
Shall lead him to the blissful state

Adieu veteran! The pealing requiem toll
Farewell Son! All caps in unison dethrone
A line on the casket melts our souls-
“A hero is sadly home"

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