a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

In that place where cold winds blow,
Where streams of ice and snow doth flow,
Lies a land of frozen seas
That forms a blowing, freezing breeze.

And in that trackless waste seen white,
Where winds that blow and burn and bite;
In that evening skies unbound,
Is beauty seen in lights there found.

Vast against that dark lit sky,
Those lights bring forth a shimmering sigh.
Colors move and wave and flow,
Above those streams of ice and snow.

With shifting lights and freezing winds,
In this place where cold begins.
Silence there across doth sweep,
Upon this icescape found so deep.

A place where laughter’s rarely heard,
As well the sound of spoken word.
Just the cold winds bitter cry,
As those freezing winds blow by.

And from that endless depth of cold,
True peace and silence doth enfold.
Found there in that solitude,
From silence formed, is peace accrued.

With beauty found in nature’s fold,
Within that land of icy cold.
’Tis this peace that flows on through,
In silence molds each day anew,

Far up in the farthest north,
Up where all those lights shine forth,
Is that place where cold winds blow,
Where streams of ice and snow doth flow.

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