Leafy Sea Dragon

a poem by Christine Anne Shaw, UK

In dreamy waltz of spiraled turns
sedately drifting, floating free.
Clad in a cloak of camouflage
it sails a path through salty sea.

Joined to its frame are lobes of skin
profuse protrusions all on show,
so fragile in their flimsy form,
like seaweed stirring to and fro.

Pectoral fins upon its neck
propel and steer its idle way,
entangling those who come too close
or in its pathway gently stray.

It has you fooled when you first look
appearing as a fine green lace.
on close inspection you can see
this creature has a tiny face.

In awe at such complexity
could such a thing be down to chance?
Is there a grand design at work,
or just a random cosmic dance?

However it has come about,
a wondrous sight it is to see
and as I stand quite mesmerized
I ponder on eternity.

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