a poem by Phillip Joseph Hussey, UK

He who greets his foes with thunder and fire
His menacing roar makes the earth tremble
Making his crouching enemies a fear desire
Even though all around him they assemble
Staring at his shiny jaws of glinting death
Scattering away with piercing haunted cries
On this large plain like long grassy heath
Under darkened cloud ridden torrid skies
The lightning flashes and they see a glint
Before the inevitable deafening thunderbolt
Three inched canines like whitened flint
Away from him in crouching fear they bolt
Yet as their spotted numbers start to swell
Ntwadumela senses an emboldened change
As in waves they surge and cowardly shrink
Keeping far away from his powerful range
The air is filled with a deathly strange sordid stink
Many baring teeth surround his shrinking space
The king growls, he seeks some form of escape
His massive blackened jaws with saliva lace
This day it seems belongs to the hyena
For there’s nearby tree to scramble up upon
The lion's fate destined is for Gehenna
Surrounded by long golden flowing grasses
There's only a few scattered Rhododendron
Two badly wounded of the enemy masses
Lie down writhing in pain and enmity dying
Inside his bold heart feels a hint of glee
His mighty paws had sent their heads flying
There in the distance he spots a dead tree
Lying on its sand ridden encrusted ancient side
Amid gaping jaws on his quarters and lashing bites
He flees through a space leaping fleetingly away
He heads for the lofty aged grey haven of termites
Snarls of revenge, screams and merciless flights
He leaps up in time on its shaking ragged bough
Hissing in shame, fallen pride and deathly fear
Behind him uncontrolled it flows like dough
The swelling darting shadows and howling cries
For Ntwadumla that day their matriarch had killed
Swirling lightening lined windblown clouds flies
And after the last triumphant thunder around is stilled
Sitting out the night waiting for the delayed dawn
Claws digging deep clinging for his very life
His instinct of how much more hatred he’ll spawn
In his violent world of hunt filled stalking strife

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