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I’ve got the moves like Jonah;
Walking down the street with friends
I’ll be the one to fall into a hole,
Hit a pole, a bin or knock down a fence!

Years ago when I was sixteen
Went with brother to his boss’s manor
A loan is assured to bro, till
On the 20K carpet, my drink spills over!

At a gathering, a tray in hand
Someone knocks against me and then
Fried chicken and fish go flying
Imagine the looks and mess if you can!

I’m holding an oil-lamp warily
“The light should burn,” I hear a shout
A strong wind blows and with
Ten ladies there, only mine flickers out!

The priest is praying; eyes closed
Not many people in church, it’s still early
My handbag falls with a loud thud
The poor man is shaken out of his reverie!

Now I notice children retreating
from me or parting like the Red Sea
A heavy-laden dish is danger
They already know I’ve got Jonah in me!

22 March 2012

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