Rangoli, ( an Indian folk art)

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

The art of creating colorful and appealing designs on the floor,
Rangoli, made from petals, vermillion, flour, paints or powdered rice. 
Women decorating a courtyard, an entrance in life's colors
In geometric patterns, motifs, simple aesthetics appealing to the eyes.

A part of folk art, folk lore, among the many stories that go,
The son of a priest was  from death revived,
As Brahma with mercy  breathed into his image,
And through a colored canvas on the floor, bestowed  him with life.

Auguring good luck, a symbol of happiness, gracious hospitality 
As with the break of morning, a new day starts,
With paints, powder or petals, that draw figurines, peacocks
Flowers, candles, ...a woman's very own everyday art.

On the threshold of a house like a bridge that binds
Connecting what's out with hearts within
A glimpse  into the culture of a  home,
And all the love that a hearth brings.

Pink, green,  blue, red or white..hues, wet and dry
The colors celebrate the shades that life imbibes
And as the colors wash, blow, wither and disappear,
A subtle reminder of the impermanence of life.

Rangoli comes from the word rang ( color) and aavalli ( row of colors, creepers). Known by different names in India ( kolam in Tamil Nadu, Alpana, in West Bengal...) this art can be traced to the ancient Harappan civilization. On occasions or in some parts of india, everyday, women draw and decorate their homes with rangoli..a reminder to live life in all it's colors for it is transient.

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