a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Christ has a master plan,
He executeth it every time,
I am thankful he chose you,
To do his will sublime.

You are His chosen vessel,
Chosen honored and acclaimed,
Looking at thy accomplishments
I am just praise and praise.,

Now that ye shoulder a higher task,
I pray that his grace may abound,
As in past and always,
May your efforts be crowned.

Thanking God that I met you,
Though for a very short span,
Your concern spoke boldly,
Even, now as then.

How could it ever,
Escape mine eyes,
You are goodness of gold,
That is perfectly refined.

I am honored,
He gave me an opportunity to learn,
What it means to be a person?
Who for all is concerned?

Almighty I praise you,
You are worthy every time,
Giving grace to the simple,
Who on thee recline.

My heart throbs to state,
You are a model, who inspires,
Role model to follow,
For all, who success desire.

As Christ had spoken,
So have I found?
He who humbles himself,
Shall be with honor crowned

Never have I found
Some one as humble as you are,
Humility itself
Hath got great power

Oh what Herculean task
If only I could explain
Thy multifaceted personality,
In words simple and plain.

How can I pen,
My vocabulary fails,
You are a personality,
To great to appreciate.

And may it be known,
Every word as I pen,
Emanates from my hearts core,
Every now and then.

Respectfully I pen each line,
Praying each and every time,
May his grace continue,
As higher and higher ye climb.

Almighty I pray the
Let thy good work continue
As you thy peoples,
Strength doth renew.

Now and forever
Be her guide
For she doth us
In love doth bind

note- The first alphabet of every stanza has our mams name.

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